Tuesday, November 9, 2010

library love.

what's not to love when you go to the library?
endless shelves of books to checkout for free...
that's right, free...unless you're an idiot like
me and get late fees because you forget
when your books are due...
every. single. time.

on top of all those books
there is story time and singing,
and clever little rooms for
kiddos to read in.

the ice cave.

the attic. (my personal favorite)

mercer mayer. we're big fans.

lots of amazingness to see.

(try looking at this and not start singing the reading rainbow song)

aaaand...they have such cute shops.
now, what desperate housewife doesn't want
a little eye candy when she's taking her
kids to the library? exactly.


Laura G said...

Oh my goodness, your library is a piece of heaven on earth. Mine is chunk of ghetto-ness in comparison. I am grateful for the story time lady that my child adores, she keeps us coming back.

Anonymous said...

Sweet library! Looks like we need to move up there!

Oh. And I always get late fees too. I figure I'm just supporting the library because that's their only source of income, right? (besides taxes I mean...:))

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

Desperate housewife?

happy me said...

Me too on the late fees Caite.

Great shots! You have the most amazing library; puts ours to shame.

happy me said...

Catie. Catie. Catie.
Yes I *DO* know how to spell your name. Geesh.

Noelle said...

We want to go to the library with you guys! (And Discovery Gateway..)

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

dave- don't be jealous.

debra- nine times out of ten i spell my own name wrong when i'm typing...

noey- oh yes, we will go together.

Kelli said...

My library is also ghetto! That is why we just put things on hold then run in and pick them up!
Is this the down town library? We might have to take a field trip.