Tuesday, November 30, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner.

first order of buisness:

my mirror was sold to:
my dear sweet gal pal lynze .

my red couch sold to: margot.

bennett's bouncy horse sold to:
the dumpster out back (after
cory threw it off our balcony...thanks, lady)

the winner of 'lie to me':

noelle pease
aka the first noelle.

no, i never stole gum. it's all a
part of me being perfect, you know.

no, cory never stole from the zoo cart
although i wouldn't put it passed
her...the girls got a bit of the
sticky fingers if you know what i mean.

no, dave didn't....ugh i can't even say it.
there was no cream corn...

now i must go vomit.

thanks for humoring us.
and yes, we do sit around and
ask each other questions and
guess who is lying. don't judge.


hawsfam said...

I would have bought the couch if it came with the people:)

Noelle said...

WOOHOO!! When's my lap dance?

happy me said...

Catie, everytime I see this post I think of sending you a photo I took of 'Chicken Dinner Road' when we were passing through Idaho last summer!

Hope you're busy, healthy, happy, and looking forward to Christmas!