Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a few things.

...it was a happy halloween for us.
and nothing rocked
this kid's world

more than the pumpkin patch.

(do you want to see pics of b as a cowboy?
well you can't...because he refused to
dress up...did i care? not in the least.)

and we ran into b's future wife...happy bonus. (i'll email you the pic noey :)

...we went to disneyland

and now mister b insists on wearing this thing...all. the. time.

awesome fact: disneyland at halloween time is fantastic.

snow? really?

...we've been a little on the busy side around here...which is g r e a t!
so, looky look what i took.


Laura G said...

Disneyland? Oh gosh how fun!!! I bet he would have made a dang cute cowboy...beautiful pumpkin patch photo's.

Lindsey said...

When we went in Sept it was decorated and we said that we always want to go at Halloween! So fun!

Anonymous said...

We so missed you at the Halloween party, but I guess Disneyland makes up for it.

Noelle said...

Hooray! So cute as always. I love the pumpkin patch, especially when we see really cool people there. I love the one of him in the hay maze the mostest.

Lynze said...

These are adorable. So cute!

the conleys said...

so great!!! always love your fabulous photos...

wish we could've run into each other at Disneyland!

hawsfam said...

we've only been to disneyland in october and it is awesome. as are the pilkingtons. come to park city next week with the girls! caryn promised to skip and hold hands with me and I'll bet we have room for one more:)