Tuesday, November 23, 2010

up to the U.

visiting miss cory willey
is an extra special treat.

a thrilling trax ride.
lunching like old ladies.
diet coke (if you've got it, drink it.)
and a bennett sandwich.

we love you c-spice.


happy me said...

I couldn't pick a favorite out of this bunch if I HAD to!!! What a fun afternoon!

Have a WONderful Thanksgiving Catie!

Noelle said...

So cute.
Oh how I love you.
And your photography.
And Bennett.
And c-spice (apparently).

(But not necessarily in that order.)

Anonymous said...

I love your visits to the U. Nothing makes my day better.. except when they close the campus early because of a 'blizzard'

Thanks for friendsgiving last night. So, whose getting up with me tomorrow to tackle black friday? Is it just me or is this triptaphan going straight to your head?

the conleys said...

so sad you are moving!!! I hope you aren't moving too far.. ?

only you can make TRAX look that good. your Bennett is DARLING.